Snow comes early in Pittsburg, New Hampshire’s northernmost town, and the snow often stays late, providing months of great riding. Our season begins December 15th, snow permitting, and continues until April 15th.

The Pittsburg area has thousands of acres of undeveloped forest and is known for having the deepest snow, the longest distances between stops and offers a variety or riding. Our trail system is on unplowed logging roads and woods trails that the Pittsburg Ridge Runner Snowmobile Club groomer drivers transform into smooth, wide, snow-covered superhighways. We have over 200 miles of well signed and well-groomed trails connecting to Maine, Vermont, Canada and all points south in New Hampshire. You can literally ride a different trail every day for a week and still have more to ride. The variety of riding will keep the beginner and experienced rider happy. The experienced rider will find challenging hill climbing and long-distance riding.

For incredible views of the Connecticut Lakes Region, everyone will enjoy the easy ride to the top of Diamond Ridge, which should not be missed. The Connecticut Lakes Region is known for its friendly “Great North Woods” hospitality where you will find great lodging and eating at the Buck Rub Pub located conveniently right on the trail. You will also find on the trails that there are convenient stores, snowmobile services, rentals and guide service, registrations and gas all readily available to ensure relaxed and carefree snowmobiling. Head “Up North” to Pittsburg this season for the best trail riding in the Northeast.

We invite you to ride our trails! Come, explore Pittsburg NH and ride New England’s best snowmobile trails!

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